What is Dark Matter Hot Sauce?

Chicago Johnny's created a delicious hot sauce with a bold, smoky flavor unlike any other hot sauce your mouth has experienced. After connecting with Andrew McMahon (singer of Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, Jack’s Mannequin, and Something Corporate) over our love of this delectable artisan hot sauce, we’ve joined forces! Inspired by Andrew’s philanthropic ventures, Chicago Johnny’s brought Dark Matter Hot Sauce to life—donating 30% of every sale directly to the Dear Jack Foundation.

The Dear Jack Foundation supports the adolescent and young adult cancer population through advocacy and funding of initiatives that target their unique set of needs.

Combining famous faces, hot sauce, and supporting a great cause, Limited Edition Dark Matter Hot Sauces make a great gift idea to give or keep for your own collection.

Unless otherwise noted, each hot sauce is limited to 1,111 bottles. Each limited edition bottle is numbered and comes with a certified of authentication.

Once a limited edition bottle sells out we will never re-print the same design again—so get them while they’re available!

Dark Matter Hot Sauce has been given permission to use the image and likeness of the artists featured on the hot sauce bottles.  The Dear Jack Foundation has also given Dark Matter Hot Sauce permission to use their name for donation purposes, but we are in no way affiliated with the organization.