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And nothing will keep this heart from beating I'm still breathing
She's a cold-blooded killer Go and find who sent her Bring me her heart and leave the rest for dead Hollow, hollow, hollow
mayday parade red umbrella
Dark Matter Hot Sauce

Mayday Parade Without The Bitter | Hand Made Hot Sauce

Regular price $10.95

Even if it's dark, at least we'll be together.  

Probably the most unique Mayday Parade product you'll ever own, our limited edition Mayday Parade hot sauce is the perfect addition to your Mayday Parade collection.

Chosen by Mayday Parade themselves, lyrics from 'Without The Bitter, The Sweet Isn't As Sweet' are featured on this limited edition Dark Matter Hot Sauce bottle!

Get yours before they sell out!

Limited to only 1,111 bottles, it's a great piece of merch for any Mayday Parade fan! You'll get 10 ounces of bold, smoky hot sauce with a heat level of about 3 out of 10 in a Mayday Parade themed bottle.

Each bottle is numbered and comes with a certificate of authentication.

30% of each sale is donated directly to The Dear Jack Foundation.  

*Mayday Parade is now only sold in 5 oz size. The labels were printed to coincide with the limited edition run of bottles, so the labels still say "10 Fl. Oz" even though the bottle is a 5 oz bottle. Contact us with any questions - Johnny

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You can also check out our interview with Jeremy Lenzo of Mayday Parade here.

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