Safdie Brothers Peach Habanero Hot Sauce | Final Draft SOLD OUT

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This bottle is SOLD OUT.  Please check out our other hot sauces to spice up your taste buds.
You've seen their movies Daddy Longlegs, Heaven Knows What, and Good Time to name a few, but we bet you never thought you'd see the day Josh and Benny Safdie would be the faces on a limited edition Dark Matter Hot Sauce bottle.
The Safdie Brothers Final Draft Limited Edition Hot Sauce is a peach habanero flavor with a heat level at about a 8/8.5 out of 10.  This 5 oz bottle has a subtle sweet peach accent packed with lots of heat.  This flavor goes great with poultry, sandwiches or lighter tasting foods.

There are only 1,111 bottles sold in total.  Once all 1,111 bottles are sold they will never be available again. (Josh Safdie's handwriting was even used for the face of the bottle!)

 Each bottle is numbered and includes a certificate of authentication signed by co-founder Josh Downey.  

*Josh & Benny signed some certificates & pictures for randomly chosen hot sauce bottles.  Bottle numbers are chosen by a computer generated program and are completely random. You'll know if your certificate is signed when your order arrives. All 1,111 bottles are eligible to receive something autographed

**If you're ordering a pre-sale hot sauce with other hot sauces it will ship all at once at the end of the pre-sale. Please contact us with any questions**
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Check out the trailer for their latest film (Good Time) below.