State Champs Slow Burn Hot Sauce | Small Batch Hand Made Hot Sauce

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Just another Slow Burn...

Dark Matter Hot Sauce is excited to announce our new, and very limited, State Champs Slow Burn hot sauce!

The hot sauce has a heat level of a 7 or 8 out of 10. It's a great crisp & tropical flavor with a steady heat that builds from minor to a nice lil' SLOW BURN.

Limited to only 1,111 bottles, it's a great addition to your State Champs collection! You'll choose 5 or 10 ounces of mango habanero hot sauce in a State Champs themed bottle.  

Each bottle is numbered and comes with a certificate of authentication.

*Some lucky owners of this hot sauce will receive an autographed certificate or label signed by the entire State Champs band. All 1,111 bottles eligible to win!

30% of each sale is donated directly to The Dear Jack Foundation.  

Fun fact: The band members were very involved in the entire process! They chose the mango habanero flavor for their hot sauce bottle and they even helped us narrow down the recipe!  Give them a high five when you see them for making such a delicious choice.

 You can read our interview with Tyler from State Champs here.

*The labels for 5 oz & 10 oz bottles are the same label. If you order a 5 oz bottle, your label will say 10 fl. oz. We printed only a limited number of labels & now that we are offering 2 sizes the labels must be shared in the limited edition bottles. Hit us up if you have any questions!

Thanks for your support - Johnny

*International shipping available upon request. Contact us for exact shipping costs

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