I Woke Up In A Car Hot Sauce | Andrew McMahon Charity Hot Sauce

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I've never been so lost, I've never felt so much at home.

These brilliant lyrics from Something Corporate are now featured on a limited edition hot sauce bottle!

Get yours before they sell out!

Limited to only 1,111 bottles this bold, spicy hot sauce is not only a delightful treat for your taste buds, but it's only a unique piece of memorabilia for any SoCo fan!

Each bottle is numbered and comes with a certificate of authentication.

30% of each sale is donated directly to The Dear Jack Foundation.  

*The hot sauce is a bold, smoky flavor with a kick.  It doesn't have an intense heat level, but it is full of flavor your taste buds will thank you for!

**Andrew has been kind enough to sign some rubber ducks (ducks also signed by Zac), certificates, and labels! All future orders are eligible to win something signed.  The bottle numbers have been chosen randomly by a computer generated program. You will know if you've won an autographed label/certificate/duck when your order arrives.  Good luck!

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*Whether you pick the 5 oz of 10 oz bottle, the label is the same. We printed enough labels to use on the limited edition bottle so if you order a 5 oz bottle, the label will still say 10 fl. oz even though it is actually 5 fl. oz. Hit us up with any questions & thank you for your support! - Johnny