Dear Jack Foundation

Dark Matter Hot Sauce was created when Chicago Johnny's met with Andrew McMahon and they were able to connect over their love of the bold, smoky flavorful hot sauce.  While it is great that we're able to reach a broader audience with our hot sauce, the bigger reason that we wanted to create this line was to do some more good in the world.  Chicago Johnny's is always looking for ways to give back, but so many organizations look great on paper but fall short when it comes to making good on their word.  So when we met Andrew we asked if there was a way to join forces with his love of our hot sauce while being able to support his organization.  Not long after that, Dark Matter Hot Sauce was born. 
As many are aware, Andrew McMahon is a cancer survivor.  He founded the Dear Jack Foundation in 2006. The Dear Jack Foundation supports initiatives and provides programming that directly benefits adolescents and young adults diagnosed with cancer to create more positive health outcomes and an improved quality of life for all young adults in this fight.
30% of each sale is donated directly to the Dear Jack Foundation.

You can donate directly to the Dear Jack Foundation on their website here or mail your donations to:

Dear Jack Foundation
1008 S. Jason Street
Denver, CO 80223

Your donations are GREATLY appreciated! 
Be sure to visit the Dear Jack Foundation website to learn more about their latest initiatives.