Who makes Dark Matter Hot Sauce?
Made in small batches with quality ingredients, Dark Matter Hot Sauce is manufactured by Chicago Johnny's.  You can learn about Chicago Johnny's on their website here

How was Dark Matter Hot Sauce started?
To make a very, very, very long story short, Andrew McMahon enjoyed Chicago Johnny's hot sauce so much that he let us put his face on a limited edition bottle to support The Dear Jack Foundation.  Shortly after that, we started teaming up with other artists & have expanded into the hot sauce line that we are today! 

How can I contact you?
General inquiries can be emailed to contact(at)darkmatterhotsauce.com

Do you ship internationally?
We are able to ship outside of the USA! We ask that you contact us with what you're looking to order so that we can provide an accurate shipping quote.

How long does it take you to ship my order?
Pre-sale items will have an 'estimated ship by' date on the product listing.  Unless otherwise noted we try to ship your order within 2-3 business days!  

How are orders shipped?
Orders current ship via USPS.

What is your return policy?
As this is not only a food item, but also a limited edition product, we do not offer returns on the hot sauces.  If you have a problem with your order please contact us.

Do you have permission to use the artists featured on your hot sauce bottles?
Absolutely!  If you see your favorite band, artist, actor, etc. on our site it's because they've given us direct permission to use their face/image. 

What does limited edition actually mean?
Any limited edition bottles will only be printed one time.  Once a design sells out, that's it.  We will never re-print the same design twice.  Each limited edition bottle will be numbered and comes with a certificate of authentication.  We reserve the right to retire any bottle at any given time.