Konstantine Peach Habanero Hot Sauce 2017 Pre Sale

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I can spell confusion with a 'K' and I can like it...

(This hot sauce was only available until 11/11/17 & is now sold out.  Thank you to everyone who ordered.)  Our 2018 Konstantine bottle is now available here until 12/11/18! 

Here at Dark Matter Hot Sauce we felt it was only right to honor such an iconic song in a unique way--bringing you a new limited edition Konstantine hot sauce bottle each year.  We've decided to do things a little differently this time around, so please read the information carefully (to prevent konfusion with shipping times).

The 2017 Limited Edition Konstantine Hot Sauce bottle is a peach habanero flavor.  The heat level is about a 8/8.5 out of 10.  It's got a subtle sweet peach accent packed with lots of heat.  This flavor goes great with poultry, sandwiches or lighter tasting foods (for those who want to add a nice kick of heat to their food!)

We will only be selling these bottles until 11/11/17.  We will tally up the total sales and that will be the total amount sold. That means this will be featured as 'Sold Out' on 11/12/17 and will not be sold again.

Each bottle will be numbered and include a certificate of authentication.

30% of all sales are donated to The Dear Jack Foundation

Don't forget that you can also grab your I Woke Up In A Car hot sauce (and try your luck at winning an autographed rubber duck, certificate, or label--only available for the I Woke Up In A Car bottles!) 

**This is a pre-sale item.  Orders are estimated to start shipping the week of 11/27/17**

**If you're ordering a pre-sale hot sauce with other hot sauces it will ship all at once at the end of the pre-sale. Please contact us with any questions**

*This will only be available for sale until 11/11/17.  

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