Strong Enough Ray LaMontagne Artisan Hot Sauce

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Strong Enough; a Dark Matter Hot Sauce x Ray LaMontagne collaboration.

Ever wonder what kind of hot sauce Ray LaMontagne would create?  Your taste buds don't have to wonder any longer. 

Through taste testing and making his own sample concoctions, Ray LaMontagne helped develop Strong Enough to be a bold, smoky flavor with a steady heat level of about 6 out of 10.  


Each 5oz Ray LaMontagne Strong Enough bottle is filled with a dark pepper sauce featuring hints of earthy tones.  Strong Enough goes great on poultry, breakfast foods, taco salads, lunch meat sandwiches, and even a Bloody Mary.

PLUS - every bottle sold has a chance to receive an autographed certificate signed by Ray himself. Lucky bottles will be chosen at random.

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"I am happy to announce a recent collaboration with the good people at Dark Matter Hot Sauce. Strong Enough. A bespoke Hot Sauce created to compliment nearly any culinary journey. A Hot Sauce that adds to the conversation, but never dominates.  A Hot Sauce that is at once mildly sweet, dark and smokey, with just enough of a kick in the ass to keep you on your toes. And best of all, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Dear Jack Foundation to help support adolescent and young adult cancer patients, survivors and their families. Strong Enough. Small batch in limited quantity. A gift that keeps on giving, and just in time for Christmas.
" - Ray LaMontagne